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Forward Thinking: Right now is the time to start planning and implementing your 2021 online strategy. The aim of this article is to help you stay ahead of the game and to see how you can ensure that your site is being seen in the right way.

Communication through Design — This is how i would summarise the design trends leading us into 2021, with increased emphasis on the look and feel of a website as we all fight to grab attention.

Why should you be interested website design trends? Well, design in part is about creating an emotional connect between your product and your consumer. It doesnt simply inform, but it communicates. And the way consumers communicate is constantly changing as our online habits evolve. Therefore the way your website communicates must evolve with them. So lets delve in and have a look at the website trends of 2021. How does your website match up with the below list?

1. Story telling through motion design and video

Motion instantly captivates our attention. Our eyes and brain crave the stimulation that motion provides. It entertains, creates emotion, and most importantly is a powerful means to tell your story.

Brands are understanding the importance of not just speaking about their products but instead creating a connected story with their consumers. Motion design is perfectly suited to achieving this. So much can be said in a 5 second clip that simply cannot be through paragraphs of words. On top of this, video is able to showcase the personality behind the brand.

Motion in design is a trend that is here to stay.

2. Daring Typography

Designers are forever pushing the boundaries when it comes to Typography, and they dont seem to be slowing down.

Clever, artful typography is a great way to grab attention, turning a few select words into a statement piece. And with designers continuing to create clean, minimal layouts, typography is a great way to captivate and get your message across clearly.

3. Colour Transitions

A great way to call attention to key areas on your website is by using a coloured transition effect. This can be used on a button, loading image, or even as a way of introducing your logo. Its a flashy, yet simple way to focus people in where you want them, while also giving the whole site a slick modern feel.

4. Open Layouts

It’s been coming for the last few years, but 2021 will officially be the year we see the end of blocked website design. In its place will be open layouts, flowing in and out of traditional grid lines. This free flowing design makes it feel like you are looking at one beautiful work of art, as opposed to many individual elements that have been placed onto a single canvas. Elements fly off and on the page, giving the impression that theres more to this piece of art that simply cant be seen.

A great trend that makes things seem larger than they appear.

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