Connecting South Australian Wines with the World.
Australian Premium Wine Group

Austrlian Premium Wine Group

APWG works closely with some of South Australia’s premium wineries to promote their brand and export into the Chinese Market.
They understand what makes the Chinese market so unique, and offer services from brand design and the logistics of exporting to china, all the way to conducting Wine education classes in the heart of China based on South Australian wines.
– Front end design
– User Experience
– Intuitive navigation
– Content management

Creating a seamless way to navigate through the many different services offered by APWG was always going to be the key to their website. We wanted to ensure that the menu bar remained clean and uncluttered, and yet still allow potential clients to easily find and navigate the information that interested them. This was achieved through creating call to actions for each service, or capability, on the home page, each individual capability page, as well as in the footer. This freed up the main top menu, and allowed for the easy navigation from one service to another.

To create a website that shows the high level and range of services offered by Australian Premium Wine Group.
We were able to create a website that is easy to navigate, that gives high amounts of information, and yet is uncluttered. Highlight text allows key information to stand out; select photos tell stories; Call to actions light the path of navigation.
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