Capturing lifes precious moments.
Photos by Kim

Photos By Kim

Kim Spencer is a hugely talented photographer, focusing primarily on maternity and baby photography.  She is a small operator, capturing intimate moments.
We wanted to create a site that represented the size and scope of Kims work. To make it intimate and personal, while highlighting the quality of work that she does.
– Front end design
– Style Guide
– Logo Design
– Content management

Let the photos do the talking: Kim Spencer is able to tell a story through her stunning images. So we wanted to let those images do most of the talking.

We created a design that allows the images to be front and centre. Full screen slideshows, overlaid with minimum text, coupled with large header photos.

A pastel colour palette was then created to compliment the tone and style of Kims photography. Gentle peach and tan created the foundation of the palette, coupled with deep blue and magenta for the typography.

To create an intimate website that showcases the work of Kim, as well as the range of service she offers.
A warm and soft website that instantly makes you feel at ease. A spacious and clean layout allows for Kims photography to shine, while also making it easy to navigate through her different packages.
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